Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guide to Poetry & Literature Webcasts

I'm a big fan of "seeing" authors/illustrators read and discuss their work. Webcasts, podcasts, and audio books are a few virtual ways to do this, but it's often hard to find these resources on the web. However, the Guide to Poetry and Literature Webcasts provides one-stop shopping. From the website:

Guide to Poetry & Literature Webcasts is a resource for locating webcasts of poets, fiction writers, and critics as they read and discuss their own and each other's work. The Guide includes links to Library of Congress sites and general sites that archive literature-related webcasts, as well as links to streaming video of academic conferences, lectures, and discussions; group poetry readings; and literary award ceremonies. Webcasts on general topics, such as children's books, performance poetry, and visual poetry also are included, and an offline reading section allows viewers to identify print resources that complement the resources found through the Guide.

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