Thursday, March 13, 2008

Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K–12: 2008

Pretty cool picture of a dustmite, huh? This picture is from Sneeze! written by Alexandra Siy and illustrated by Dennis Kunkel and it's just one of the many wonderful books selected by the National Council of Teachers of Science in their list of outstanding science trade books for 2008. From the website:

In this year’s collection, which is our 35th anniversary, you can fly Over the Mountains or peer down from a Satellite to explore the Earth from far above. With professional researchers, readers can puzzle the mysteries of A Dinosaur Named Jane or follow the Tracks of a Panda. The important new facts about personal health in Sneeze and Breast Cancer Update can help readers make better personal decisions. Even the youngest students can become apprentice scientists as they listen to the lyric prose of Here Is the Wetlandor Guess What Is Growing Inside This Egg.

Check out all of the wonderful books on the list!

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