Monday, April 21, 2008

Choice Literacy: A Great Resource

I have posted about many great online resources for children's literature on BlogJoy, so I want to be sure to point you to another site that is both a resource for children's literature and literacy: Choice Literacy. It is described as providing the ""how" of literacy leadership, written by colleagues who are just as smart, funny, and passionate about teaching reading and writing as you are." I find this a very apt description because the style of writing is very inviting and the contributors are practitioners who are also well known authors I feel like I know through their books and articles.

Choice Literacy is a subscription-based website that offers articles and DVD workshop kits for use in study groups and professional development, but each week they also post articles and links to other online resourse that are free (you can sign up here for a weekly update). For example:

Check out the "Free Samples" section of Choice Literacy for more great articles by well known experts in the field of literacy.

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Thanks for the shout out!