Thursday, May 29, 2008

Calling All Daniel Pinkwater Fans

Did you know that Daniel Pinkwater's The Neddiad : How Neddie Took the Train, Went to Hollywood, and Waved Civilization was published online before it was published in a traditional book format? Yep, it's true and he's at it again! Pinkwater is publishing his new book, The Yggyssey, online posting one chapter each Monday!

The book description:

The Yggyssey is set a few years after the events recounted in The Neddiad. Yggdrasil Birnbaum, progeny of the illustrious Captain Buffalo Birnbaum and denizen of the venerable Hermione Hotel, is our guide through this epic tale of Hollywood hijinks. The Yggyssey will be published in 2009, but you can read it right here, free of charge! Starting April 28th, a new chapter of THE YGGYSSEY will be posted each week until the end of the book is reached. Stay tuned for extras and special features, and don't miss a week!

Here is the author's introduction:

Dear Readers --

We had a lot of fun putting The Neddiad online in serial form prior to publication. Some people told us they had bought the physical book, but refrained from reading ahead because they enjoyed the weekly installments, and the little extras from the remarkable mind of Webmaster Ed. So...we are doing it again! This time the book is The Yggyssey, a sort of sequel-like, or anyway related, book. If you read The Neddiad, you will encounter characters you have met before. If you have not read The Neddiad, (what is wrong with you?), you should be able to follow what plot there is in the present offering. I want to thank the forward-thinking publisher, Houghton
Mifflin for cooperating once again. Welcome, everyone, to another experiment in
weblishing and communal reading!

Daniel Pinkwater
April 2008

The first six chapters have already been posted and you can hear Pinkwater read the first chapter. There is also a reader's forum in which you can post comments about the book. You can also sign up for weekly reminders when a new chapter has been posted.

Pinkwater's website also has Pinkwater Podcasts and free audio downloads of Pinkwater reading several of his books in their entirety (Blue Moose, Ducks!, I Was A Second Grade Werewolf, Lizard Music, The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death, The Wuggie Norple Story and Wempires).

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