Friday, June 27, 2008

Kate Greenaway and Carnegie Medals Announced

Why are these two people smiling like they've just won an award? Because they did...two very perstigious awards in the UK. Philip Reeve won the Carnegie Medal which is awarded by children's librarians for an outstanding book for children and young people. Emily Gravett won the Kate Greenaway Medal which is awarded by children's librarians for an outstanding book in terms of illustration for children and young people.

EMILY GRAVETT LITTLE MOUSE’S BIG BOOK OF FEARS Macmillan (Age range: 6+)ISBN: 9781405089487
Little Mouse is afraid of almost everything. We learn about all his phobias, from his fear of creepy crawlies to his fear of clocks, dogs, cats and shadows. The only thing that makes him feel better is that human beings actually seem to be afraid of him!
This is a clever, funny and innovative book which is also extremely warm and emotionally engaging for the reader. It’s a book you can explore and spend ages over. The attention to detail is quite astonishing: every part of the book is used, and the production values are fantastic. It works on every single level. A publishing tour de force.

PHILIP REEVE HERE LIES ARTHUR Scholastic (Age range: 12+)ISBN: 9780439955331
“There’s nothing a man can do that can’t be turned into a tale…”. Britain. AD 500. Gwyna’s new master Myrddin says he’s not an enchanter, yet he works his own kind of magic. He turns Gwyna from a slave-girl into a goddess, a boy, and a spy – and Arthur into a legend. But is Arthur really everything he is cracked up to be?
A page-turner of a novel, with a well-constructed plot and believable characters that engage the reader from the off. The landscape and setting of the time are skilfully drawn. Reeve cleverly makes the story relevant to today by examining the versions of history that are handed down to us, and the ways in which myths are created. An enjoyable and thought-provoking book.

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