Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Teacher Project

Writer Dave Eggers, educator Ninive Calegari, and Academy Award winning director Vanessa Roth are working to help teachers get what they deserve.

Thanks to Publicschoolinsights for the link

In a recent interview, Eggers stated that they intend the documentary to transform public perceptions of teaching and fuel much stronger public support for public schools. "They hope [it] will do for teaching what An Inconvenient Truth did for the environment. Featuring footage taken by teachers themselves, the film aims to offer a first-hand view of the challenges educators face every day--and to inspire greater public support for teachers' work."

This short clip brought tears to my eyes...anyone who teaches, has taught, or knows dedicated teachers will recognize the passion and pain of the teachers featured in this clip. It is my hope that this documentary receives the attention it deserves.

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