Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Connecting kids and book galleys can boost reading

Children's book publishers and school librarians are trying a new strategy to build the buzz about forthcoming titles: sharing Advance Readers' Copies (ARCs) or book galleys. "The kids' enthusiasm for a title then creates in-school, pre-pub buzz about the book that can, in some cases, have a positive effect on sales," writes Sally Lodge in Publishers Weekly. "It's a chain reaction that is beneficial to all concerned--and one that appears to be happening with increasing frequency."

At Coppell Middle School West in Coppell, Texas, library media specialist Rose Brock runs five separate student book clubs using ARCs. Suzanne Fox, library media teacher at two middle schools in Napa, California, brings ARCs into classrooms and asks students to read and review the books. "Kids love reading a book that no one else knows about, and it's even better if it's a sequel to a book that other kids do know about," Fox says.

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