Friday, April 10, 2009

Reader's notebook: Supporting deeper thinking

From Stenhouse:

In her new book, Notebook Connections, Aimee Buckner shows you how a reader's notebook can be used as a tool to generate and elaborate on responses to text, and she provides strategies that students can rely on—from book to book, from genre to genre—to push their writing beyond retelling the story.

Like Notebook Know-How, Aimee's previous book on the writer's notebook, Notebook Connections presents a model that's flexible enough for students to respond in a variety of ways, yet structured enough to provide explicit instruction. More than a dozen teacher-guided lessons help students create anchor texts within their notebooks. Then as children become more independent, they begin to respond in their notebooks, choosing strategies that work best for them.

Aimee shows how the reader's notebook can serve as a bridge between reading and writing, and provides a holistic approach to assessment—with specific rubrics—that involves students and doesn't undermine the process. Classroom interactions throughout the book give concrete examples of how to successfully integrate notebooks into your reading workshop.

The entire text of Notebook Connections is now online for previewing: (Scroll down to the "Browse" link under the Table of Contents.)

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