Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Documentary Film About Children's Literature

I clicked on Roger Sutton's blog post today to discover that he is being interview for a new documentary film on children's literature. "What documentary film on children's literature?" I said! Lo and behold, a couple of clicks later I found this discription on the film's blog:

This is the production blog of The Library of the Early Mind, a feature-length documentary film about children’s literature directed by Edward J. Delaney and produced by Edward J. Delaney and Steven Withrow. We’ll be working through this year interviewing authors, illustrators and critics on the topic. The film is intended for festival release in 2010.

Wow, how cool! I'm probably the last person to know about this project, but I'm glad I stumbled across the blog. It doesn't say who is posting the blogs, but it has been up and active since June. Posts include video interviews with children's authors and experts in the field. Just check out who they have interviewed so far...

Children's authors/illustrators: Sarah Stewart, David Small, Brian Pinkney, Jeffy Kinney, Peter Reynolds, Adam Gopnik, Grace Lin, Gregory Maguire, Richard Michelson, Leslea Newman, M.T. Anderson, Jack Gantos, Francoise Mouly, and Mary Jane Begin.

Children's literature/child development experts: Roger Sutton, David Elkind, Nicholas Clark, Beverly Lyon, and Leonard Marcus.

What a wealth of information! I will definitely be using these interviews in my classes. I'm already wondering who else they might interveiw. What a big decision...of all the great authors, illustrators, and children's literature experts, who do you chose to interview? I'm sure it has to do with availability and the time line of the project, but still a huge decision. They have done a good job so far.

So, who do you think is a MUST to include in this project?

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