Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Webcasts are Up from NBF!

A few days ago, I posted about my awesome experience hearing the Exquisite Corpse presentation and Jacqueline Woodson recite from many of her books during the National Book Festival. Well, now you can see it for yourself! The webcasts are up!

Another presentation that I really enjoyed was Sharon Creech. She read aloud from her new book The Unfinished Angel. She read the part of the slightly confused Italian angel and her book publisher, Joanna Colter, read the part of the little American girl, Zola. Delightful!

I also heard Jeanette Walls, which was amazing. I had a transfomative experience when I read The Glass Castle and I couldn't wait to hear her speak. I had so much hope that she would be exactly who I wanted her to be...and she was that and more! I have already bought her new book Half Broke Horses and can't wait to start reading.

There were so many amazing children's and YA authors at the National Book Festival that I didn't get to see and I'm looking forward to seeing them now. I think it is so wonderful that the presentations are captured and uploaded to the NBF website so everyone can feel the magic of "meeting the author!"

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