Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Book and Author Features from Reading Rockets

New Book and Author features from Reading Rockets:

Goin' Someplace Special: Our Interview with Patricia and Frederick McKissack
The McKissack's have written stories about the African American experience for more than 25 years. They draw from some of their own childhood favorites — Brer Rabbit, fairy tales, myths, and the poetry of Langston Hughes — to create beautifully drawn characters who learn to use their wits and appreciate their own gifts. In Goin' Someplace Special, young 'Tricia Ann makes her way to one of the only places in 1950s segregated Nashville that welcomes her with open arms: the public library.

Our Newest Booklist: Thanks for the Dreamers
Artist, chef, inventor, storyteller, tree-planter, dreamer, do-er. In this lovely collection of books you'll meet a group of incredible people — some famous and some not — who have each made a difference in the world.

Listen! I Have a Story to Tell…
Legends, pourquoi stories, and trickster tales — Native American tradition is rich in storytelling. For book recommendations as well as links to classroom activities and other web resources, browse our sister site ColorĂ­n Colorado.

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