Monday, February 21, 2011

Share a Story - Shape a Future: A Blog Tour for Literacy

Share a Story - Shape a Future:

A Blog Tour for Literacy
March 7-11, 2011

 Announcing the third annual Share a Story ~ Shape a Future blog tour for literacy. This year's theme: Unwrapping the Gift of Literacy
  • The Power of a Book - From the literal power of owning a book and a good story to the intangible power that comes with knowing how to read. 
  • The Gift of Reading - Whether you're looking for a book to excite a reader, want to help someone learn to read or celebrate the "gift" ... it's covered.
  • Unwrapping Literacy 2.0 - With all of the talk of digital literacy, e-readers, etc. What does "literacy" look like in this new century?
  • Love of Reading v. Homework - Do they have to be at odds? We'll talk about ways to help readers at home and at school.
  • The Gift that Keeps on Giving - To wrap up the week we'll be remembering "that moment" when we realized we were a reader or writer and how to celebrate it with others. Lots(!) of interviews this day.
Line up of bloggers:
  • Riley Carney will be visiting with Carol Rasco at Rasco from RIF. (Monday)
  • Chris Singer (BookDads) has lined up nearly two dozen (!) dad bloggers (who also happen to be readers, writers, educators) to talk about the gift of reading. (Tuesday)
  • Mary Ann Scheur (Great Kids Books) will be reviewing iPad books and talk about them in the context of promoting literacy when Danielle Smith hosts Literacy 2.0 at There's a Book. (Wednesday)
  • At a Year of Reading, Mary Lee Hahn and Franki Sibberson will be talking about ways to balance literacy fun and school. Mitali Perkins, Barbara Dee, Katie Davis, Courtney Sheinmel, and others will be sharing Writer's Notebook ideas/photos at The Reading Zone. (Thursday)
  • In her post today, Sarah Mulhern (The Reading Zone) said that "A great group of authors have volunteered to share their stories about the gift of reading- both giving the gift and receiving it. It’s going to be a fantastic day!" (Friday)
  • Also on Friday, author / illustrator Elizabeth Dulemba will be sharing authors' stories about when they fell in love with reading.
 You can learn more about the history of the literacy blog tour, by clicking here.

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