Friday, June 25, 2010

New Office + Reshelving = New Insights

The School of Education at The College of William & Mary just moved into a brand new building! It is a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility that holds much promise for teaching and learning, so I'm thrilled to be in this new space. However, the downside is that I had to pack all of my children's books and move them into my new office. I don't think anyone enjoys packing and moving, but with each move I make, I acquire new books. So the number of books I moved this time was astounding!

I was not looking forward to unpacking. But, as I pulled each book from the box and tried to decide where it would go, it sparked new thinking about the books, genre, theme, and ways I might use the books in the upcoming academic year.

Later in the week, I corresponded with a literacy coach, Wendy Melzer, at a local elementary school who was also moving offices. She talked about unpacking her children's books with her school's reading specialist. As they went through the books, they had great conversations about ways they could use great children's literature to support children's literacy development.

Wendy was so inspire by her "re"discovery and conversations with the reading specialist that she has already scheduled an inservice for the teachers in her school on nonfiction during the next school year.

Usually, at some point in the summer, teachers and librarians reorganize or rearrange the books in their classroom/libraries. This year, you might use that time to think about new or different ways to use your books in your teaching. Please share your ideas!

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Wendy said...

Even though it can be daunting and time consuming, you do get into it! :) You reorganize, clean out/donate, and think about new ways of "merchandising" the use of books with teachers and students. Plus, it makes you reconnect to what you had truly forgotten you had! Cleaning freshens up one of your prized treasures, your literature collection, and you fall in love with it and become inspired all over again. :)