Friday, August 27, 2010

A Peek Into My New Building/Office

My classroom in the new School of Education
I am so lucky! This week, the fall semester started at The College of William & Mary and the first group of students entered a brand new School of Education! The picture above is of the classroom in which I am teaching. It is so beautiful. There is so much light and space and everything is new. Including the technology.

The picture to the right is the podium from which I can choose to use the computer, document camera, VCR, or television, all at the touch of a button. Let me tell you, it is a wondrous thing, especially when I have had access to none of it in the old building (and when you teach on a campus that is over 300 years old, "old" takes on a new meaning:-).

My office, however, is still in need of work. I did get pictures hung on the wall though. Does anyone know from which picturebook I took these pictures?

And, I did get most of my picturebooks shelved. 

But, as I said, I still have a lot of work to do! Oh well, it's a good problem to have.


Wendy said...

Love it! Wow! I love the infusion of fresh technology. Think about all the texts you can analyze on the screen together. I had the same giant piles of books all over my new space Monday, and I have it so I'm pretty happy with it now. I'm so glad you were able to have your bookcases, too! I'll have to stop by the reception next week!

Kristin Mc said...

Is the artwork on your wall from Van Allsburg's Mysteries of Harris Burdick? LOVE that one...

Denise Johnson said...

Hi Kristin,
YES! I bought the portfolio edition and had my favorites framed. I've always wanted to hang them, so moving into a new office was just the impetus I needed.

Barbara O'Connor said...

It's lovely!!!! And so many books. Yowza

Anonymous said...

I love your picture book collection. I meant to tell you this when I was in your office the other day and forgot to. It's superb!!