Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recommendations from NPR forTeen Reads

YA author Gayle Forman (who wrote If I Stay, which I loved) reveals her five favorite teen reads of the year in an article for NPR titled, Oh, To Be Young: This Year's Best Teen Reads. She starts the article by stating:
I read a lot of young-adult novels. I also read a lot of adult-adult novels, and I'm always after the same experience, whether I'm reading Philip Roth or Philip Pullman: a book that sucks me in from chapter one, makes me think and, above all, makes me feel. I want to finish the book a slightly different person than I was when I started it.

 I feel exactly the same way, as I think most of us do. I have read some, but not all of the books on her list. So, I will be adding to my "to read" list for the new year. How about you?

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