Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harry Potter in and out of the classroom from NCTE

Harry Potter in and out of the Classroom from NCTE

With the last installment of the Harry Potter movies out, there seems to be renewed interested in the series by J.K. Rowling. Have you read all 4,370 pages of the Harry Potter books? Many people have! How can you capture the excitement over the movies and books and bring that enthusiasm into the classroom? NCTE and ReadWriteThink.org have several resources that can help do just that.
The School Talk issue "Literary Partnerships: Collaborating with Literature to Create Readers" (E-M) shares how Rowling and other authors and illustrators are literary partners who can lure kids to reading with their own form of "magic."

In the Language Arts article "The Right to Be a Fan" (E), author Peter GutiƩrrez asks and answers the question, "Becoming ardent followers of specific pop culture texts can't be a good thing for young readers -- or can it?" Harry Potter's popularity is also discussed in this new podcast of a conversation between Teri Lesesne and Franki Sibberson.

Students from Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis review each of the seven books in the Harry Potter series in the Voices from the Middle article "Harry Potter and the Avid Readers" (M-S).

College instructor Elissa Caruth explains how, over the years she's been teaching Harry Potter, her students have read one book, gone on to read the other books, and been exposed to the things we want our students to be exposed to in a critical thinking class: literary terms and their application to literature, critical thinking, and writing analytical essays (C).

The English Journal article "Celebrating Multiple Literacies with Harry Potter" (M-S) presents a cauldron of hands-on literacy activities inspired by Rowling's characters. How will you celebrate Harry Potter -- the books and the movies?

Did you know that Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling share July 31 as their birthday?

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