Saturday, January 14, 2012

Free books for Kindle

Thousands of adults, young adults, and children received eReaders this past holiday season and analysts predict that volume will continue to grow in 2012 to 28.9 million. Pricing is also expected to drop this year with Amazon’s Kindle as low as $49 and Barnes and Noble's Nook as low as $99.

I have had a Kindle since they were first introduced and though I am on my third one due to hardware and software problems, I do love that I can get most books anywhere at anytime at a cheaper price than the print copy.

Though eReaders have largely not made it into the classroom, as prices drop, this might change. The idea of having instant access to books that match students' interests is very appealing to teachers. However, teachers already spend a great deal of their own money to purchase books for their classroom libraries and school and library budgets are very limited.

With this in mind, there are a couple of ways to get free books for the Kindle. You can download Free Childrens Books and Young Adult Books for Kindle: Linked List of Over 1,000 Free Classics For Boys, Girls and Teens for .99 on Amazon. Each title is linked to the book on and can be downloaded to the Kindle free of charge. Of course, most of these books are classics, but they are still great books!

With Kindle apps, books can be read on more than one device that might be available in the classroom such as a computer, a tablet, or a phone (Android or Mac).

Most often, public libraries also offer patrons the ability to download eBooks. My local library doesn't offer many eBooks but other libraries nearby have a nice collection.

Another nice aspect of eReaders is the ability to respond and share your thoughts about what you are reading. Students can highlight words/phases and take notes and share them with other students.

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Anonymous said...

You say, "Most books are classics but they are still great books." Shouldn't it be "Most books are classics AND they are still great books."?