Friday, January 23, 2009

LAST Newbery Round-Up

The countdown is ON...only three days until the big announcements! So, this is the LAST round-up of Newbery news before the big day.

Nina Lindsay at Heavy Medal gives us the Anatomy of a Mock Newbery based on her experience participating in the Mock Newbery at the Golden Gate library in Oakland. This is a really nice overview of the process this group followed along with a brief outline of their discussion of each Newbery contender. Sharon McKeller also discusses some other Mock Newbery results.

Fuse #8 gives us her predictions
on the Newbery and Caldecott.

Shannon Hale at squeetus writes a very interesting piece: What did the Newbery ever do for me?

Besides sales of the awarded book, this honor has affected me personally and professionally in a profound way. Wherever I go as an author, people introduce me as a "Newbery Honor author" (or quite often, as a Newbery Medalist or Newbery Award winner, which isn't true, but we don't need to nitpick). I have felt that title legitimize me. Winning the award shined a light on me and all my books that three years later hasn't faded a bit. For the layperson, even if they don't know what the Newbery is exactly, I've found they recognize the name and believe it is a significant honor.

This is a great post that you must read in its entirety.

Finally, The Reading Zone discusses her sixth grader's reactions to Chains and Diamond Willow and her thoughts on these books as Newbery contenders.

I still haven't finished all of the books on my list. I did finish Savvy and Alvin Ho, but I still have to read Diamond Willow and Porcupine Year. Plus, I'm way behind on the Printz I'll be reading right up to the last minute. Hey, I did the best I could. How about you? Do you have your predictions? Are you ready for the big day?

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