Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Censorship: Alive and Well

I am writing a new section for the second edition of The Joy of Children's Literature on censorship. Have you ever noticed that when you start to really focus on something, you see it everywhere? In the case of censorship, that's really sad.

Lois Lowry just posted a letter sent to her by a teacher at Tarsus American College in Tarsus, Turkey. She writes, "Last week the inspectors from the Turkish Department of Education came to our school and after reading one paragraph of your book, Number the Stars, banned the book at our school."

It is wonderful that this teacher is reaching out for help. So many children's and YA authors are willing to help when classroom teachers are faced with challenges. Please read the letter in its entirity and email Lois Lowry if you have any suggestions for "what, if any action" she should take.

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